3D Visualizing Wi-Fi Love

Since today is Valentine’s Day I thought I’d do a post about love.

I have much love for my Wi-Fi buddies; they have taught me so much and continue to teach me new things on a regular basis. I also have lots of love for all of the companies out there making awesome Wi-Fi gear and tools. They make our jobs easier and more interesting.

However there is one relationship that I’d like to be a matchmaker for. I’d like to introduce this guy who is doing these awesome Wi-Fi visualizations using a tiny Wi-Fi module, a camera in long exposure mode, and some amazing code:

And I’d introduce him to the fine folks at iRobot who make great autonomous robots like the Roomba and the Ava. My hope is that they would make a Wi-Fi surveying robot baby.

Sure, the name of the game in Wi-Fi design work has changed from coverage to density, but there is still a need to do post-installation surveys to make sure that you’re not missing the forest for the trees. I’d love to have a rugged outdoor rover or drone that could do regular surveys of outdoor coverage of my campus.

So it might be too late to get such a relationship arranged in time for the festivities today. But perhaps in a few years, we might see a Wi-Fi survey-bot deliver a Father’s Day card to Charles.