I purchased wifiluke.com (as well as .net and .org) on a whim one morning because I wanted to test out Google Domains and all of my domains where stuck in transfer limbo. I’d been thinking about setting up a Wi-Fi related blog for a while, I just hadn’t ever been pushed over the edge to do so. Well, it looks like that was what I needed. Big thanks to Dave for the hosting and WordPress minding.

My name is Luke Jenkins and I am a Wi-Fi Engineer by trade. My day job is at a state university in Utah, but I do moonlight from time to time. Most of that has been doing conference & event Wi-Fi for various non-profits, cultural events, and corporate trade shows. I owe much of my Wi-Fi chops to the folks that I’ve worked these shows with, as well as the awesome Wi-Fi folks on twitter.

I might veer off course into the realm of not 100% Wi-Fi related topics, if I think them of interest to a decent number of Wi-Fi folks. Expect the occasional post about network security, electronics, ham radio, and such things. I’ll do my best to keep any posts about family or pets to a minimum.

Everything I say on this blog is my personal opinion, and not that of any employer, company, or organization. I’ll list any conflicts of interest on this page if I become encumbered by any.

About page and conflicts of interest last updated 4 October 2014